The team who plays together, stays together. Sort of. That’s why we believe in having as many group socials as we can throughout the year: Dinner, drinks, karaoke, comedy, bowling…

Britannia on tour

Occasionally, we like to leave the cosy confines of London to play netball somewhere further afield. This year, we went to Spain for some slippery ball action, sea and sangria.


Girona arrival

Following a slightly delayed flight we touched down in Girona around 18:30 to a wall of heat and the promise of late night karaoke. Many were excited, particularly Gwen, who gets her Tina Turner out at every opportunity.

The hotel, four stars no less, has everything: beds, a retro TV no one could reach, a bathroom with a luvverly view to the building’s central piping system, and dodgy door keys. That said, we didn’t spend much time in there. After dinner, we went out to the Robin Hood, not far from the hotel, for a netball night out:

Gozi and mystery local man

Gozi, immediately got pounced on by a man who had left his wife and child on the dancefloor to talk to her while Gwendolyn, as predicted, did her infamous Tina Turner routine, complete with, Iyabao and Nadine as blacking, sorry, backing singers.

Not a mad one – early morning start.

Day 2

Up at the crack, most of us took full advantage of the breakfast buffet. Some people (mentioning no names), deliberately made us feel bad by choosing melon and healthy stuff instead of the sausage, pie, egg and bacon selection. No telling some people.


A team
Carol (yes, THAT Carol)
(Mary supporting)

B team
(Mary supporting)

Already at least 100 degrees in the shade, Saturday’s games started at 9.30 sharp. Two halves of 8 minutes might not sound hard, but in the shocking heat, it was enough. In fact, one minute was 59 seconds too long. Still, both As and Bs got off to winning starts, despite the sweaty palms (a couple of dropped balls), wet faces and sticky dresses. Nice.

Strong, paced play a feature from both teams with high number of turnovers (yes, Steph!) for both teams.

Finishing up at 4pm, after a day of hard-fought games (for both As and Bs), the As finished on a high, having lost none of their games, while the Bs also played well but lost 3 of their matches.

Netball saturdayAs play Bs…

After sampling the delights of the hotel buffet the night before, we decided to venture elsewhere on Saturday. I won’t do a restaurant review, but I think we would all agreed that it was pretty faultless for the price (25 euros for a million courses and booze).

Amazing food and not bad company

Delirious with food, most of us staggered back to our beds. Apart from the hardcore faithful, that is:

hardcore faithfulThey’re crying inside really…

Day 3

After a relaxing night listening to the French rugby team next door playfighting and singing, we were up at the crack once again. This time, with a warm-up:

workoutWitness the fitness…

Hotter than hell once again, the games continued to be tough.

Maintaining their winning streak, the As held onto their lead and bagsied the top prize (£500 for the club)! While Bs just missed out on third place by a point or so, there was some consolation in getting the Best Warm-Up Routine award:

warm up winner
Pronounced, shat-on-ee-a

Well done Britannia and a special thanks to:

Nadine and Dana for playing, Mary for supporting – despite injuries, and Leilani’s mum for supporting, full-stop.

For more pics of drunken debauchery, see the social section. Ahem!


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